Fahrenheit 451 Part Two Summary Notes “The Sieve and the Sand

Fahrenheit 451 Part Two Summary Notes “The Sieve and the Sand” pages 67-106
F451 summary pages 67 - 76
 Montag reads with Mildred; he tries to tell her the importance of the books
 Montag remembers Faber, a man he met years ago, and calls him
 Montag has a copy of the Bible, he wants to memorize it
 He takes the subway train to Faber’s house
F451 Summary pages 76 - 88
 Montag arrives at Faber’s house
 Faber is nervous and frightened, but sees the book and talks quite a bit to Montag
 Faber tells Montag they need more than just books, that he (Faber) has been a coward
 With the trauma of war and sabotage the two men think they might be able to make a
 Montag and Faber will stay in communication through little ear radios that Faber created
Fahrenheit 451 Summary page 88 - 98
 Faber reads the Bible to Montag through the ear device
 Mildred’s friends arrive to watch TV
 Montag attempts serious conversation with them
 He reads a poem, Mrs. Phelps cries, and Montag yells at them to go home
Fahrenheit 451 summary pages 99 - 106
 Faber continues to talk to Montag through the ear device, telling him it was foolish to yell
at Millie and her friends, but that Montag needs to prepare to see Beatty.
 At the station Captain Beatty is waiting for Montag; he throws a series of quotes from
books at Montag.
 An alarm comes into the fire base; Montag does not think he can burn again. He is
surprised when the Salamander stops at his house.