Fahrenheit 451 End of Book Response 20pts. Type a 100

Fahrenheit 451 End of Book Response 20pts.
Type a 100-150 word, double-spaced response to the following question:
After reading Fahrenheit 451, do you side with Guy Montag in that books are
invaluable to society, or do you lean towards Captain Beatty’s argument that “books
are a loaded weapon” and a waste of time?
Your response will be graded on your understanding of either Montag or Beatty’s point of
view AND, most importantly, the details you use to support which side is the most
reasonable. You must use at least two quotes from the text to support your argument.
Make sure that the side you are arguing is clear in your paper (you may not argue both;
you are simply choosing a side, defending it, and proving why the other side is wrong).
*Note: Your response should include proper MLA format (Bradbury___) and include
the total word count at the bottom of your response.
Scoring Rubric:
____ (5) Clear position stated (Guy Montag or Captain Beatty)
____ (10) Two Quotes, with MLA citation, used to support argument
____ (5) At least 100 words
Total: ____/20 points
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