Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Part II: “The Sieve and The Sand”
Characters: Continued
• Part II introduces a new character: Faber
• As you did with the previous four main
– Describe him
– What motivates Faber? What is his objective?
– Copy and cite a supporting quote, explaining its
Characters: Foils
• A “Foil” is a character who
provokes or challenges the
protagonist; the “antagonist” is a
foil who opposes the protagonist,
barring or complicating his or her
Foils to Montag
• Looking at Parts I and II, examine the ways in
which Mildred, Clarisse, Faber, and Beatty act as
foils to Montag:
– Find examples where this character brings out
dramatic responses from Montag.
– How does the character lead Montag toward
– How does Montag’s relationship to the
character change?
– Record specific textual support for your
conclusions, including properly cited
Montag’s Antagonist
• Of the four characters explored previously, which
do you believe is Montag’s antagonist?
• Why is this character opposed to Montag? How
does this character force Montag to reevaluate
• Use passages from the text to support your
• To be turned in
Title Significance
• Considering our previous discussions
about Parts I and II, explain why you
think Bradbury chose these titles for
these two sections of the book. Cite
specific examples to support your
To be turned in