Fahrenheit 451 Review Sheet for pages 24


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Fahrenheit 451 Review Sheet for pages 24-42

1. Describe the Mechanical Hound. What does it do?

2. List and explain the three opposing descriptions of the Hound. (i.e. “the dead beast, the living beast) Why is it so described?

a) b) c)

3. What game do the firemen play with the Hound? What does it reveal about the firemen?

4. Why is the description of the Hound “like a moth” ironic?

5. What does Montag credit with the reason (in his home) that the Hound may not “like” him?

6. Which quotation on page 27 could apply to Mildred as well as the Hound?

7. Why doesn’t Montag have children?

8. Why is the school’s labeling of Clarisse ironic?

9. What is Clarisse’s school like?

10. What changes does Clarisse mention based on conversations with her uncle? List at least three.

a) b) c)

11. How might the radio’s announcement on page 32 impel people not to change their lives and their society?

12. On page 33 what does Montag realize about Firemen? Why is this significant?

13. What does Montag say that he thinks may “give it away?” Why would it?

14. What does the history of the Firemen reveal? Why is the first Fireman ironic?

15. What is the “orange dragon?” Why is the metaphor appropriate?

16. Why are Montag’s fellow Firemen “suddenly odious?”

17. The woman’s words on page 36 are a quotation by one man to another before being burned at the stake for heresy in 1555. How are these words appropriate here?

18. What is the normal procedure for raiding a home? Why is it done this way?

19. What line does Montag see? What is the significance of these words?

20. What does Montag’s “hand” do on its own?

21. Just before the woman says, “You can’t ever have my books” what word is used which may be homophone for the way Montag feels?

22. What does Montag believe is the reason the alarms only sound at night?

23. What is revealed about Beatty at the end of this reading section?