Reading Guide for Fahrenheit 451 Assignment 1

Reading Guide for Fahrenheit 451
Assignment 1 & 2
What are the symbols that are on a fireman's uniform?
What is the job of the fireman?
What is the leading character's name?
How does he travel from his work to his home?
What is the name of the young woman he meets on his trip home?
How old is she?
How does her uncle describe her?
What does she point out to Montag about the moon?
Where does she live?
10. How is her family unusual?
11. What habit of Montag's does she point out to him, which makes him uncomfortable?
12. What question does she ask him that leaves him uncomfortable?
13. What is the atmosphere in Montag's house like when he arrives at home?
14. What does Mildred have in her ears?
15. What has happened to Mildred?
16. What two things do the men do that save Mildred's life?
17. What animal is the stomach pump described as being like?
18. Why does no doctor come to treat Mildred?
19. How does Mildred act in the morning?
20. What is Mildred looking forward to doing with a TV show?
21. What does she want Montag to buy for her?
22. What "crazy" thing is Clarisse doing when Montag sees her?
23. What test does Clarisse use to see if Montag is in love?
24. What is the result of the test?
25. Where is Clarisse going when she meets Montag?
26. How does Clarisse say that Montag is different from other people she has met?
27. What game did the firemen sometimes play using the Mechanical Hound?
28. How does the Mechanical Hound track its prey?
29. How does the Hound kill?
30. What symbol does the fireman Captain Beatty have on his hat?
31. What does Montag think is a shame about the Mechanical Hound?
32. What makes Montag become wary of the Hound?
33. What does Clarisse think that old leaves smell like?
34. What does Clarisse say people do after school?
35. What reasons does Clarisse give for being scared of kids her own age?
36. What examples does Clarisse give when she says that people don’t talk about anything?