Grammar Cheat Sheet

Fahrenheit 451 Questions pp. 31-68
First last _____________________________ Per. _
1) The other firemen begin trying to spook Montag about what? ______________________________________________
2) What is the big national news in the story? _____________________________________________________________
3) Based on the firemen’s words, what does this society think about people who own books? They’re not only
lawbreakers; they are _________________________________.
4) The names of the two other firemen are symbolic. Besides the chief, name them: _______________________________
5) What bit of history has been changed drastically from what we know to be true? (We actually heard this before when
Guy told Clarisse the same thing.) ______________________________________________________________________
6) What is different from the usual fire calls about the one Montag goes on (on p. 35)? ____________________________
7) Because of this difference, all the firemen feel what emotion? ______________________________________________
8) A book falls into Montag’s hands. What symbol of light and life is used for it (same as first page)? ________________
9) The rest of the books are described using what related symbols? Dead _______________ and dead _______________.
10) What does Montag do without really thinking about it? __________________________________________________
11) What does the book woman ultimately do that surprises the firemen (and reinforces #3)? _______________________
12) Montag becomes obsessed with what about his relationship with Millie? ____________________________________
13) Thinking about Millie’s pill taking and stomach pumping, Montag realizes he and she are ______________________
people. This adjective is a metaphor for a life lived without art or thought.
14) Because of Millie’s love of TV, Montag calls the people on the TV walls her real _____________________________.
15-6) What do we hear has happened to Clarisse, and what do we know? _______________________________________
17) At first, how does Millie react to him being sick and that he saw a woman die? _______________________________
18) When pressed, how does she feel about the burned woman she’s never met? _________________________________
19) Montag suddenly realizes that each book represents a __________________________________________________ .
20-1) Who comes to visit, and why? ____________________________________________________________________
22) Millie nearly does what in front of this person? ________________________________________________________
23) Why, according to the visitor, are books burned? _______________________________________________________
24) Name two ways school is different from now. (We’ve heard some of this from Clarisse earlier.) _________________
25) Beatty says the firemen are actually agents of what emotion? _____________________________________________
26) Beatty delivers what veiled warning? ________________________________________________________________
27) At this point, Montag decides what about his job? ______________________________________________________
28) What did Clarisse notice about changes in furniture and houses? ___________________________________________
29) Showing how sick she is, what does Mildred like to do while speeding? _____________________________________
30) We finally find out what is behind the grille. Be very specific (more than a word): ____________________________