Fahrenheit 451 Study Guide: Novel Comprehension

English 12
Mr. French
Fahrenheit 451 Study guide: Novel Comprehension
Directions: Answer all of the following questions with at least two or three wellconstructed, complete sentences. Refer to the novel whenever possible to
support your answers.
1. What is the significance of Montag seeing his reflection in Clarisse’s eyes?
2. What things do the McClellans do which cause them to be classifiedc as
3. What final question does Clarisse ask Montag on the night of their first
encounter? Why is the question important to the plot?
4. Describe the bedroom which Montag enters. Whom does the setting
characterize? what images are used to define Mildred? How do these images
differ from those used to define Montag? Clarisse?
5. What event occurs that night which provides Montag with an impression of
the state of society? What is that impression?
6. What does “antisocial” mean? What does it mean in the context of this novel?
To whom is this term applied? Why?
7. During the card game at the fire station, what question does Montag ask?
What does it contribute to the plot? (Why is this question significant; how does it
demonstrate change in Montag’s character?)
8. What is the significance of the words spoken by the old woman whose house is
burned? What does she mean? What effect do her words and death have on
9. What does Montag think his feelings would be if his wife was to die? Why?
10. Summarize Beatty’s explanation as to why firemen are needed?
11. What is the meaning of the title of Part II?
12. Why does Montag go to see Faber? How does he know Faber?
13. Describe the impact of Montag’s meeting with Faber on the novel’s plot. Why
is this meeting important?
14. Describe the views of Mildred and her friends regarding war, children, and
the poem that Montag reads to them.
15. Who turns in the alarm for Montag’s house? What is Mildred’s main concern
as she runs out of the house? Why? Contrast her actions with those of her
16. What feelings does Montag have about burning his own house? What happens
next between Montag and Beatty? Why?
17. Describe Montag’s escape.
18. Who is Granger? How are Granger and the men who reside with him in the
woods trying to save humanity? Why are these efforts doomed to fail?
19. What symbol does Granger use to describe mankind? Is this a fitting symbol?
Why or why not?
20. What is the “promise” (hope for the future) at the end of the novel? What
will Montag’s role be? Is he qualified for this role? Explain.