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About Leo XU 徐立宏 of Max-Inf
The company: http://www.cnwinwin.com/en_index.asp
Ningbo Max-Inf Industrial Company Ltd is the manufacturer specialized in
the children products and auto-parts, car accessories, with its main
products including the baby safety car seat, baby stroller, baby cribs,
high chair, children textile products, and auto-parts like air ducts,
washing systems and the engine components.
Ningbo Max-Inf Industry Company is the biggest manufacturer in China for
the baby car seat, with strong ability of self-developing and manufacturing.
All the products have passed European standard ECE R44/03, and some
products have passed American standard FMVSS213 and Canadian standard
CMVSS213, and as well as the standards regulated by the countries and
regions such as Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, etc. The company has self-owned
brand “BABY FIRST”, and also accepts the OEM business. The company sells
the products all over the world, and Europe is one of the biggest markets.
Leo XU, President
EMBA 2003 Shanghai, Class 5.
Secretary General, CEIBS Alumni Association Ningbo Chapter