3rd Grade Vocabulary Words

3rd Grade Vocabulary Words
1. foe: enemy
2. vast: huge
3. purchase: buy
4. drowsy: sleepy
5. absent: missing
6. prank: trick
7. feeble: weak
8. annual: yearly
9. sturdy: strong
10. reply: answer
11. voyage: trip
12. shiver: shudder
13. slumber: sleep
14. meadow: field
15.banner: flag
16. loyal: faithful
17. ill: sick
18. vacant: empty
19. stalk: stem
20. wild: untamed
21.slosh: splash
22. frayed: worn
23. overcast: cloudy 24. mammoth: large
25. furious: angry
26. assist: help
27. task: job
29. lurk: wait
30. orbit: circle
31. deep: many feet of water
32. shallow: not much water
34. rigid: stiff
28. bothersome: annoying
33. flexible: bends easily
35. pain: what you feel when something bad happens
36. pleasure: a happy feeling
37. repair: fix
38. break: shatter
39. infant: baby
41. bright: light
42. neat: tidy
43. dim: not much light
44. sloppy: messy
45. gracious: polite
46.attic: at the top of the house
47. cellar: at the bottom of the house
48. rude: not polite
40. adult: grownup
49. borrow: you get something
50. lend: to give something
51. birdbath: bath for birds
52. eyelid: protects your eye
53. waterfall: when water drops over a cliff
54. keyboard: part of a piano that you play 55. lunchtime: middle meal of the day
56. hairbrush: what you use to brush hair
57. springboard: flexible board to jump from
58. scorekeeper: someone who keeps score 59. rainbow: a band of colors
60. catfish: a fish with whiskers
61. beehive: where bees make honey
62. sandbox: where kids play with sand
63. hillside: steep, sloping land
64. spaceship: what an astronaut rides in
65. applesauce: made when cooking apples
66. homework: assignment done at home
67. crosswalk: where you should cross street
68. railroad: what trains travel on
69. turtleneck: a long neck
70. rowboat: small boat moved by rowing
71.fur: covering of most animals
72. fir: a kind of evergreen tree
73. principle: a rule
74. principal: the head of a school
75. paws: feet
76. pause: take a break
77. wail: cry 78. whale: a large animal living in the sea
79. berry: a fruit
80. bury: to cover up
81. stake: a stick that you hammer into ground
83. peak: top of a mountain
82. steak: meat you eat
84. peek: to look
85. council: a group of people making plans
86. counsel: to give advice
87. ant: an insect
89. threw: past tense of throw
88. aunt: female relative
90. through: from here to there
91. dove: bird/past tense of dive
92. record: to write down/something important
93. live: living/to dwell
94. lead: to be at the beginning/a type of metal
95. wind: air that moves/to turn
96. grandchildren: children of your children
97. echoes: repeated sounds
98. halves: two equal parts
99. geese: large birds that make honking sound
100. mysteries: things that are secret or hard to explain
101. oxen: large farm animals in the cattle family
102. sketches: quick drawings
103. feet: at he end of our legs 104. sheep: animals whose fur is used for wool
105. coast: land along the sea 106. host: one who gives the party
107. limb: a branch of a tree 108. fern: a kind of plant
110. yearn: to really long for something
109. glee: joy
111. plea: to beg for something
112. shriek: a loud sound
113. creek: a smaller, moving body of water
114. moose: a large animal with antlers
115. chipmunk: a small animal resembling a squirrel
117. kindergarten: before 1st grade
116. noodle: made of flour, water, and eggs
118. loft: a room just under the roof of a building
119. bungalow: a small, one story house
121.boss: the person in charge of a job
120. dinghy: a small boat
122. drum: something you hit to make sounds
123. patio: a paved area near a house 124: plaza: an open space in a city or town
125. ballet: a form of dance 126. garage: a place to park cars
127. pizza: a kind of pie with cheese and tomatoes on a crust
128. “bravo”: what an audience yells when they like the performance
129. bike: something you pedal to make its wheels move
130. exam: a kind of test
131. mitt: what baseball players catch with
132. bus: what some kids ride to school 133. lab: where scientists do their research
134. zoo: a place where animals are kept
136. auto: a form of transportation
135. sub: something that travels under water
137. kit: a baby fox
138. piglet: a baby pig
139. math: the study of numbers, shapes, and measurements 140. fawn: a baby deer
141. gosling: a baby goose
142. cub: a young bear, lion, or tiger
143. calf: a baby cow, elephant, or whale
145. cygnet: a young swan
144. foal: a young horse or donkey
146. kid: a young goat
147. joey: a baby kangaroo
148. freighter: a ship that carries cargo 149. helm: the wheel used for steering the ship
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