Ms King delivered many babies as a midwife in Gloucestershire, but

Ms King delivered many babies as a midwife in Gloucestershire, but some were
particularly memorable.
"And of course another episode of course when I was doing midwifery in Gloucester,
I had a very interesting delivery just outside Gloucester in a horse-drawn gypsy
caravan. And it was half past 2 in the morning I was called out and I found where,
well I knew where they were because they’d arranged that we would deliver the baby
for them, and I was the one to go and of course it was a horse-drawn caravan and she
was in the top bunk, the woman, and the children were underneath. And of course I
delivered the baby quite satisfactory, it was a very small baby, really almost
premature in size, however, the only way of being… they had a huge fire going
outside with logs and so on and I was sitting on a stool outside coping with the baby,
giving its bath and so on, but it did extremely well.
In front of the fire, out in the open air, at half past 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, a
dark dry morning fortunately not raining.
And another very interesting delivery I had, was the travelling show people came for
the fair… and they had one of the women was pregnant and I delivered her baby, and
they were extremely nice people, and beautiful caravans… spotlessly clean. But it’s
very interesting and then I met the people again when I was in Hereford, the fair was
there, and I looked them up and went to see them and the baby sometime later.
That was interesting"