1. Describe Guy’s job as a fireman.
2. Whom does Guy meet on the way home from work? Describe some things about
her that are different than most people in this society.
3. Guy’s meeting Clarisse reminds him of another meeting he had about a year ago.
Describe this meeting.
4. What question does Clarisse ask him before they depart? What is Montag’s
5.Give two examples that show that this society is very “fast”.
6. What does Montag look at upon entering his house?
7. What does Montag accidentally kick upon entering his bedroom?
8. What does Montag realize about himself as he enters the bedroom?
9. What has Mildred attempted to do?
10. Describe some things that are strange about the men that come to help Mildred
and what they do.
11. Why doesn’t Montag try to explain to Mildred what really happened?
12. . What does Clarisse decide about Montag using a dandelion?
13. Describe the living room in Montag’s house. Why is Mildred so excited about the
upcoming TV. show?
14.Describe the mechanical Hound. What is his function? How does Montag feel
about the Hound?
15. Describe Clarisse’s typical school day. Why does she say, “It’s a lot of funnels
and a lot of water……..(pg29-30)?
16. On page 32, what does Montag realize about Clarisse?
17. pg 34- When Beatty asks Montag, “You got some?”, what does Montag picture in
his mind?
18. What is strange about Beatty’s comments on page 40 regarding the quote given
by the woman who had books?
19. What question does Montag ask Millie that she cannot answer? Why do you
think she cannot answer it?
20. What does Millie say happened to Clarisse?
21. What response does Mildred give Montag for not wanting to turn off the TV?
22. What sudden reaction does Montag have to kerosene? How is this different than
what he told Clarisse?
23. When Mildred is standing in the doorway speaking but cannot be heard by
Montag or Beatty, what is she probably saying?
24. Why, according to Beatty, were books outlawed? How did minorities contribute
to this process? Who wanted the books outlawed?
25. Explain Beatty idea that the photography, radio and TV all contributed to
society’s development of mass? Be sure to explain what is meant by “mass”.
26. Why does Beatty say that firemen are, “Happiness Boys”?
27. What does Montag admit he has behind the ventilator grille?