World History Quiz: Chapter 9 Section 2

World History Quiz: Chapter 9 Section 2
Study Guide
Main Ideas:
Who did Russia’s rivers linked early Russia to?
The Byzantine Empire
What Russian city was at the center of a vital trade network?
What was the major event that occurred during the rule of the Mongols in Russia?
The prince of Moscow gained power and influence
How did Mongol rule affect Russia’s relations with Western Europe?
It isolated Russia from European advances in science and art
What tradition did Ivan the Terrible introduce that shaped Russian history into the
twentieth century?
Extending absolute Power
Key Terms
Steppe- An open treeless grassland
Kiev- The Capital of present day Ukraine and was the first Russian State
Cyrillic- Alphabet that became the written script of Russia that is still used today
Golden Horde- Nickname given to the Mongol army because of the color of their
Tsar- Russian word for Caesar
Ivan the Terrible- Grandson of Ivan the III was an instable ruler
Ivan the Great- Also known as Ivan III and referred to himself as tsar