Russia`s Czarist Government, Growing Unrest

Review Questions-Russian Revolution Part 1 [Russia’s Czarist Government, Growing Unrest, & Russia
During World War I]
1) How many revolutions will take place in Russia post WWI?
2) Was Russia successful in fighting World War I? Yes or No
3) What term did Russians use instead of monarch?
4) Which type of government system would Czarist rule be?
5) What did the Czars not do that resulted in the fall of Czar Nicholas II? [Growing Unrest]
6) How many Russian soldiers died in the first year of fighting World War I?
7) How would you describe Russia during World War I?
8) Who was left in charge of the Russian government when Czar Nicholas II went to the front to rally the
9) Who exercised influence over the czarina?
10) How did the nobles view Rasputin?