Key Terms - Russian Revolution

Name: _Robyn Farrell__
Per: _3___
Date: __3/24/13__
Key Terms: Russian Revolution
Why it’s important
Russian monk who had influence
over the Tsar and his family during
With him in power his actions
caused the Russian dynasty to
fall, along with millions of
Russians dying.
Nicholas II
last Tsar of Russia, forced to
abdicate in 1917 by Revolution, him
and family executed by Bolsheviks
With him power it led to an
event called Bloody Sunday,
when led to the Russian
Revolution which helped take
the royal family out of power.
Member of the Russian social
Democratic Workers’ Party, seized
power in Russia on November 1917
The Bolsheviks ruled Russia for
a period of time when the
Lenin came into power. With
them in power they
established a communist
These people were one of the
main reasons that the
Revolution had even occurred,
because they didn’t feel they
were treated right.
Considered to be the working class
A form of Marxism that emphasizes
Lenin’s concept of imperialism as the
final stage of capitalism, focus to
underdeveloped countries
He had supported the side of
Bolsheviks who had won the
war, so he was an important
New Economic Policy
Lenin proposed this concept after
the Revolution because the
economy began to fail, allowed
some aspects of capitalism
With the economy doing so
badly after the civil war there
had to be something to be
done to fix it, so this policy
came along, it actually allowed
some parts of a capitalistic
The legislative body in the ruling
assembly of Russia
The Duma was made by Tsar
because the people had
wanted it, which showed the
power of the people, but in
reality there was actual no
power they had.
Red Guard
Transitional military force from
imperial Russian army, base of
They were actually the
Bolsheviks, and were for procommunism and won the civil
The Whites
Confederation of Anti-Communist
forces who fought Bolsheviks during
civil war
They were the people in the
war that didn’t want
communism, because if that
happened it would take away
all of their land, making their
lives not so luxurious anymore.