Russian Revolution worksheet

The Russian Revolution
You’re a history sleuth, and you’re investigating the Russian Revolution. Using
viable sources (including the articles on the website), answer the following
questions. You may work alone or in groups.
1. What is a monarchy?
2. What is a dictatorship?
3. What is the name of the ruler of Russia before the revolution?
4. How and when did he and his family die?
5. What is the definition of “Proletariat”?
6. What is the definition of “Bourgeoisie”?
7. What is the definition of “aristocracy”?
8. What happened on March 8-14, 1917?
9. What is the definition of a “soviet”?
10. What happened on November 7, 1917?
11. Who was Lenin and what find two quotes or saying he is known for?
12. Who was Trotsky and what were his strengths?
13. What/who are the Bolsheviks and to what did they change their name?
14. Who was Joseph Stalin and what was his leadership style?
15. What are the purges?
16. Approximately now many people did Stalin kill?