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Geo skills Year 9 revision maps and activities

Year 9 Geo skills –
Objective: to be able to use maps, graphs and charts to describe, in detail, geographic interactions
and locate places.
Figure 1: Southeast Asia - Political
Question 1:
a. Identify from the map which country the equator runs through?
b. Identify from the map which countries the Tropic of Cancer runs through?
c. Describe the location of Vietnam in relation to Australia. Use SSDD.
d. Identify how many oceans are on the map? Name them.
e. Explain, using infromation from the map, why Indonesia might be a difficult country to
Figure 2:
Figure 3.
Question 2:
a. Describe the distribution of population in Russia. Use GDA2Q. Ensure your response is
detailed – it should be a short paragraph of at least 75 words.
b. Using at least two SHEEPT factors, suggest reasons why Russia’s population is distributed
this way. Make sure you make specific reference to the two maps Figure 2 and 3.