Russia and Japan: Industrialization outside of the west

Russia and Japan: Industrialization outside of the west
Chapter 27 Reading Guide
1. What are some similarities in how Japan and Russia dealt with the growing power of western
2. What was Russia like before it underwent reform in the 19th century? What problems did it
3. Why did the Russians emancipate their serfs and with what results?
4. What major reforms happened in the 19th century under Alexander II?
5. What events led up to the revolution of 1905? What radical groups arose in Russia and what did
they advocate?
6. What happened during the 1905 revolution? What was it about? What was the outcome?
7. What effects did Russian nationalism have on Eastern Europe?
8. Describe Japanese society during the late Tokugawa Shogunate.
9. How was Japan opened to foreign influences and with what results?
10. Why was Japan better able to modernize than China?
11. What was the Meiji Era? How did Japan change politically after it?
12. Describe the industrialization of Japan. Why was Japan unequal to the west even after they
13. What social and cultural effects and conflicts did modernization cause in Japan?
14. How did Japan create an empire between 1895 and 1910? What major events mark this period?
15. How did global relations change with the rise of Russia and Japan?