The Double-Headed Eagle


The Double-Headed Eagle

The double-headed eagle is the emblem of Russia.

Above the heads there are three crowns. You can see St George on the breast of the eagle.

The Russian Flag

The Russian flag first appeared in 1668. It reappeared as the modern flag in 1991. The flag has three wide stripes on it.

White is faithful and sincere, blue is honest and loyal, red is brave.

The President of the Russian Federation

Dmitrii Anatolievich


Hello! My name is

Kate. I’d like to tell you about my country,

Russia. The full name of the country is the

Russian Federation.

It lies both in Europe and Asia. Its area is more than 17 075 sq. kilometers. Russia is the largest country in the world. Its population is

145,600 million people.

In Russia people speak more than 200 different languages, but Russian is the official language for everyone.


The capital of Russia is

Moscow. It is the biggest city in the country and one of the biggest cities in the world.

Red Square

The hart of Moscow is

Red Square. It got its name in the 17 th century. In old Russian the word red means


Spasskaya Tower

To the left there is the

Spasskaya Tower, the tallest of the Kremlin towers. The tower is famous for its clock, the

Kremlin clock, made in the 16 th century.

St Basil’s Cathedral

The most famous building in Red Square is St Basil’s Cathedral.

A monument to citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky

Next to the Cathedral there is a monument to citizen Minin and

Prince Pozharsky. They were heroes in the war against Poland in 1612.

There are many big cities in Russia:

St. Petersburg


Nizhny Novgorod

Ekaterinbur g




Russia is famous for its severe climate. Winters are cold, windy, snowy and frosty. The winter temperatures are from 1 to 50 degrees below zero.

Summers are dry and hot.

Our country is famous for well-known people, places of interest, beautiful nature. I love my country. I believe it will become one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Best wishes,


What can we say about Russia?

It lies both in Europe and Asia

Moscow is the capital




Big cities

Is famous for people

Places of interest

Climate w: -1-50 s:+1+40

Beautiful nature