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[FAHRENHEIT 451] Dialectical Journal #____
PS 17 Cite Strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says
explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
Chart is incomplete or
not turned in
Responses show a
lack of understanding
of text
Chart is complete
Responses show some
understanding of text
Quotes are generally
unrelated to question
Analytical statements
are summaries of
quotes rather than
What type of character
is Guy Montag?
Chart is complete
Responses show basic
understanding of text
Quotes are related to
question explicitly
Analytical statements
provide claims to the
question based on the
1. “He felt his smile slide
away, fold over and down
on itself like a tallow skin”
( pg 9)
2.”I didn’t know that!
Montag laughed abruptly”
(Pg. 7)
3”we can’t burn these. I
want to look at them, at
least once.
What ideas or
concepts does the character
Clarisse represent?]
1.”She seemed hypnotized
by the salamander on his
( Pg.4)
2.”so many people are.
Afraid of firemen, I mean.
But you’re just a man after
all…”( Pg. 5)
3. “why are you laughing”
(pg. 6)
Chart is complete
Responses show
understanding of text
Quotes are related to
question explicitly
and/or implicitly
Analytical statements
provide interesting
claims to the question
and show critical
reflection of text
Analytical Statement
1. The type of character of
Montag is mysterious as well as
weird. His behavior is a bit
awkward and it makes the reader
feel uneasy.
2. He is also very rude with his
words and laughter a little
abrupt. But he also seems to be
very truthful.
3. He doesn’t seem to
understand how he feels. On the
one hand, it is his job to burn
books. On the other hand, he
feels curious about books and
what he can find in them.
1.. The concepts of Clarisse is
that she is a kind of peaceful
person. She also seems to try to
Be kind and not disrespectful
2. Clarisse represents
independent thinking.
Bradbury’s world bans books
and this type of thinking but
Clarisse still says what she
What type of
relationship do Montag and
Mildred have, and how do
they interact?
1. And suddenly she was so
strange he couldn’t believe
he knew her at all. (pg. 39)
2.”something must be done,
yes something must be
done”(pg. 42)
3.”it doesn’t matter, no I
guess not.”(pg.40)
What is Montag’s
reaction to burning the house
of the old woman with her
inside, and how does it show
his development as a
1.”you should have seen her
Millie!”(pg 48)
2.”Was I given a choice”
(pg. 49)
3”there must be something
in books, thins that we can’t
imagine. (pg. 48)
3. She is also a serious person
when it is the right thing to do.
She is also quite sensitive
1. This shows that there are both
distant emotionally from each
other. They are “cold” like
2. This shows that they both
have uncontrollable emotions.
They also over react for things
that need little attention
3. They never think things twice
and never go back. to it so they
are forgetful
1. The way that he told Millie
about the old woman tells that he
is going to see that there is more
to see in the books
2. the reaction of Montag is that
if he was given a chose then he
change his way
3. The old woman’s actions
(dying with her books made
Montag realize that there must
be something really important in
books. After all, she was willing
to die!