Chapter 20 Reading Guide

Chapter 20 Reading Guide
The Conservative Order and the Challenges of Reform (1815-1832)
The Challenges of Nationalism and Liberalism
What is Nationalism?
Why was the 19th Century the perfect time for this idea/thought to rise?
Is Nationalism different from Popular Sovereignty?
What are some problems with Nationalism?
What is Nationhood?
How does nationalism fuel the need for Nationhood?
During the 19th century which areas of Europe faced problems with growing Nationalistic
pride? (Why/How/in What ways?)
Compare and Connect: Mazzini and Lord Acton (p. 618-619)
Who is Guiseppe Mazzini? Where was he from?
What qualities of a people does Mazzini associate with Nationalism?
How and why does Mazzini relate nationalism to divine purposes?
Who is Lord Acton? Where was he from?
Why does Acton see the principle of nationality as dangerous to liberty?
Why does Acton see nationalism as a threat to minority groups and to democracy?
How might the connection that Mazzini draws between nationalism and divine will serve to
justify the repression of minority rights that Acton feared?
Early 19th Century Political Liberalism
Define the word liberal.
What were some of the goals of political liberal across Europe? What did they hope to
gain? How did they attempt to gain power?
What were some of the economic goals of liberals across Europe?
Did all European countries have the same economic and political goals? Why or Why not?
Who is Benjamin Constant? What did he seek during the 19th century?
Is there a connection between Liberalism and Nationalism? If so, what is it?
Conservative Governments: the Domestic Political Power
How does your book define conservatism?
How did monarchies and aristocracies across Europe interpret the execution of King Louis
XVI? How did the church carry on after the revolution?
The Congress of Vienna following the age of Napoleon redistributed land, and created
tension between European powers. Countries formed alliances to protect themselves from
any one singular power.
Which countries were forming alliances?
Quadruple Alliance
The Low Countries
The Holy Alliance
German Confederation
The Great Powers
Who is Prince Metternich? Where was he from? As a conservative what did he urge
European monarchs to do?
Explain the Carlsbad Decree of 1819…
Postwar repression in Great Britain
Who is Lord Liverpool and what did he do?
What were the Corn Laws of 1815?
How did the British government treat its people?
What were the Coercion Acts of March 1817?
What was the “battle” of Peterloo? What was the final outcome?
Explain the Six Acts and the impact on the people.
Bourbon Restoration in France
Who are the Bourbons? How were they able to attain power?
How did Louis XVIII rule France?
Who are the Ultraroyalisits? What affect did they have on the French monarchy?
The Conservative International Order
What is the Concert of Europe? How is it relevant?
Explain the Congress System and how European countries worked together.
The Spanish Revolution of 1820
Explain the relationship between France and Spain
How did alliances across Europe influence the Spanish revolution?
What was the Congress of Verona?
Revolt Against the Ottoman Rule in the Balkans
What was the Ottoman empire?
What happened in Greece during the 1820s?
Were there any other European countries willing to help Greece? Why or why not?
How did Serbia gain its independence? Was it an easy fight?
Who did they gain their independence from?
Wars of Independence in Latin America and South America
What caused the “shake up” in Latin America?
Summarize the Revolution in Haiti… Who, What, When, Why… How did it start, and what
was the overall impact?
Who are the creoles? What did they want? How did they revolutionize South America?
What happened in Argentina? Who was involved (countries)?
Summarize the Revolution in Venezuela… Who is Simon Bolivar? What did he do?
How did Brazil gain their independence? From who?
The Conservative Order Shaken in Europe
European Revolutions of 1820s and 1830s
Russia: The Decembrists Revolt of 1825
Describe Russia prior to the revolution. (the people, the problems, the monarchy…)
Summarize the Dynastic Crisis…. (Who died, who took control, and who was left out)
What did Nicholas I bring to Russia? What did he do for the people?
Revolution in France- 1830
Charles X good or bad? Why?
What was the Chamber of Deputies?
Summarize the July Revolution… What happened to Charles? To France?
Who is Louis Philippe? Why was he so different than other/past French monarchs?
What happens after Philippe?
How did the new French government fair against its colonies abroad?
Belgium’s Independence
How does this happen? Who do they defeat to gain independence? What does that mean
for Europe?
The Great Reform Bill- Britain 1832
What was the Reform Bill of 1832? What did it state?
Was it difficult to put into law?
Explain the role of the House of Commons
What is the Catholic Emancipation Act? How does this affect the Empire of Great Britain
(think specifically Ireland, Scotland, England)