“Supervolcano” Worksheet

“Supervolcano” Worksheet
In-Order Questions (Answer each question in a complete sentence)
1) How did the animals near Orchard Park all die?
2) How did geologists find out that the ash in Idaho is the same as the ash in Nebraska?
3) How does the formation of a supervolcano differ from that of a regular volcano?.
4) What is the name of the crater seen after a supervolcano eruption?
5) In the movie, how is “Virgil” supposed to help volcanologists at Yellowstone?
6) Mr. Lieberman said the earthquake was not volcanic in origin, what does he believe caused the earthquake initially?
7) When was the last supervolcano eruption?
8) Why are there dead trees along the caldera rim at Sour Creek Dome?
9) How large is the volcanic crater?
10) How many times has the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted?
11) What is a “surefire way” to predict an earthquake?
12) What is so important about the timing of the eruptions?
13) What do they smell in the air on the plane?
14) Are volcanic eruptions easy to predict? Why or why not?
15) What is happening to the lake at Yellowstone?
16) What do harmonic tremors indicate?
17) How did geologists determine the size of the magma chamber under Yellowstone?
18) How do geologists think the Toba supervolcano eruption affected the planet?
19) What % of the U.S. was covered by ash?
Post Movie Questions (Answer After Movie) – Answer each question with three or more complete sentences
20) Why are scientists cautious about what they say in the media?
21) Why should everyone in the world be worried by days 3 and 4? What evidence is presented in the movie?
22) How did the media and politics play into the decisions made by USGS prior to the eruption?
23) When did the global effects start to be felt? What were they?
24) In relationship to other volcanic eruptions how big will the Yellow Stone eruption be? (think about the annoying
brother in-law on TV with the building blocks)
25) What some of the difficulties that would happen after the eruption that would inhibit the ability to rescue people?
(Give at least 2 examples)
26) How did individual personalities play a part in delaying public warning? …. And how would you have handled it?