To Kill a Mockingbird: Tom Robinson`s Trial


To Kill a Mockingbird: Tom Robinson’s Trial


According to Sheriff Heck Tate’s testimony, what side of Mayella Ewell’s face was beaten during the “Rape?”

2) Do you think it is odd that Bob Ewell, nor anybody else, called a doctor on the night of the crime? Why or why not?

3) What hand does Mr. Ewell use to write? Why do you think it makes him mad when Atticus takes note of it?

4) Find two instances of Mayella Ewell reversing herself during her crossexamination by Atticus. Does this suggest she is lying?

5) What happened to Tom Robinson’s right arm when he was twelve years old?

Why do you think this is significant?

6) Briefly summarize Tom Robinson’s testimony to Atticus of the events on the night of the “crime.” ( At least 4 sentences)


During Tom Robinson’s cross-examination by Mr. Gilmer (the prosecuting attorney), what does Tom Robinson say that shocks the courtroom? Why do you think this statement was such a big deal? (Keep in mind that few White people in Maycomb county think African Americans are equal as human beings to Whites)

8) There is no medical or physical evidence that Tom raped Mayella Ewell.

Instead, what does Atticus say during his closing words to the jury that the case is solely based upon?


Why couldn’t Tom Robinson have beaten Mayella Ewell? (Remember his injury)

10) Who do you think beat Mayella? Why?


What “inviolable” social code did Mayella Ewell break? Why do you think it was taken as such a big deal in Maycomb County? Do such things happen today (Dog the Bounty Hunter)?


Atticus says that American courts are the “great levelers of our society.”

What does he mean by this? Do you think this is true? Why or why not?