Review Sheet-fossils, volcanoes, earthquakes etc

Miss Fry
Review Sheetplate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes etc. test
(chapters 17, 18 & 19)
1. What is plate tectonics?
2. What did Alfred Wegener call his clumped-together land mass?
3. What is continental drift?
4. How does plate tectonics work? -what causes them to move?
5. Name the three types of boundaries and define them.
6. There are three types of convergent boundaries-name them and say what they
cause (mountains or trenches)?
7. What kind of boundary is also called a fault?
8. What is a volcano?
9. What are the three types of magma?
10. What are the three types of volcanoes?
11. What is a caldera?
12. What is tephra?
13. What is a pyroclastic flow?
14. What is an earthquake?
15. What causes earthquakes?
16. What are the three types of stress?
17. What are seismic waves?
18. Draw an example of seismic waves being captured on a seismometer and explain
whether it is a big or little earthquake based on the size of the squiggles.
19. How are a focus and epicenter related?
20. What is the Richter scale?
21. At what point on the Richter scale is the earthquake probably felt? At what point
does it do destructive damage?