Ian Howland

Ian Howland
Delegate from the
Russian Federation
It is the agreement of many that global warming has become a serious issue in the
world today. In the past several years we have heard more about global warming than
ever before. Green house gases are ruining the O-Zone layer and the air that we all
breathe. It is causing major climate changes and melting of the ice caps. Many member
nations today have realized the dangers of Global Warming and all are finding new ways
to curb its effects.
Russia a one of the world’s leading producers in oil. Russia does not advocate the
entire phasing out of oil as a fuel source but rather believes that over time its use should
be drawn done. If oil as a fuel source is completely eradicated many nations will suffer
economic issues due to there large supply of oil and how they depend on their oil
production for a majority of their economic dependence- these are nations such as
Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others. The Russian Federation believes that
stronger regulation of businesses, to make their practice more environmentally friendly,
is needed not only in Russia but throughout the world. Possible other ideas include;
having governments fund companies for the purpose of inventing more fuel efficient cars,
or creating a fund in the World Bank so that if nations can’t afford to fund research
projects they have an income to work with.
The Russian Federation is completely willing to work with other nations to fund
programs to stop Global Warming. It is the belief of some that Russia is in support of
Global Warming so they can reach more oil deposits and artic gases, that statement is
completely and utterly false. In the past one hundred years Russia has lost half of their
glacieral ice caps. Russia is in favor of using alternative fuels and energy sources as an
alternative method to current uses. Russia is a strong supporter in Nuclear energy to
prevent coal and oil burning power plants that are ruining the environment. Nuclear
energy is safe and much better for the environment. Simple things can be also be very
helpful. Things such as car pooling, taking the bus and riding a bike are very effective
ways to help curb emissions. It is paramount to create various organizations for people to
get involved and to spread the word.
One person can make a difference. We can change the way we live. Stand strong for
the environment, for our future. Russia will stand strong. Pay attention to the warnings,
let all nations make a stand right here and solve this problem now. The Russian
Federation is extending a hand of friendship to all nations so that all member nations can
work collectively to solve this problem.