Fahrenheit Terminology Grid

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English I
Fahrenheit 451 Terminology
Each of these terms pertains to Fahrenheit 451. In the left column, you will see
the definition of the terminology. In the right column, explain how the term applies
to Fahrenheit 451. Utilize at least one quote or specific example from the text
(with the page number in parenthesis) to support your response.
Term and Definition
1. Stream of Consciousness:
a narrative that features the
thoughts as they play out and
flow continuously in a
character’s head
2. Mentor: an experienced
and trusted advisor
3. Scapegoat: a person who
is unfairly blamed for
something that others have
How does the term apply to Fahrenheit 451?
4. Omnipotence: state of
being all-powerful
5. Omnipresence: state of
being everywhere at once
6. Omniscience: state of
being all-knowing
7. Liberal Arts College: a
college with an emphasis on
non-professional, nontechnical, non-vocational
disciplines in which students
are exposed to a wide range of
academic subjects
8. Confidante: a person with
whom one shares a secret or
private matter, trusting him/her
not to repeat it to others
9. Tag Name: a symbolic
 Montag = stationery company
 Faber = pencil company
10. Empathy: the ability to
understand and share the
feelings of another
11. Introspection: the
examination or observation of
one's own mental and
emotional processes
12. Critical Thinking: a way
of analyzing a claim to decide
whether it is true, partially true,
or false