Spelling and Reading Homework for this week: 9/14/15

Spelling and Reading Homework for this week: 9/14/15
Spelling skills: blends and vcsilent-e words
Reading skills: fluency, writing a beginning, middle, and
including relevant details from the text.
Each night:
Read 20 minutes each night to include the
reading going home this week - The Great Big Enormous
Turnip. Please take extra care of these books. We will have
spelling test on Friday and a reading comprehension test. A
spelling choice board is attached to help you study the words.
Please read over and study your answers for the story each night
in your reading notebook.
1. flute
2. broke
3. blame
4. drive
5. place
6. stone
7. chose
8. prune
9. slope
10. crime
Also, your child has sight words (on index cards) that need to
be studied every night. As they master these, I will add more.
Please do not let them sound these out. Please send these to
school each day and initial on the parent card that this has been
done. They need to commit them to memory and read on sight.
This is extremely important to reading fluently and aiding