Getting Married

Getting Married
Rosanna Castillo
ESL 062
Young people today should wait to get married and have children until they complete
their education, begin careers, and develop their identities. It is too difficult for people to do
these things and also to take care of their family. Young people should finish school and get
prepared economically. They need to be ready to take care of a family.
First of all, many young people don't think that a family is very important. They are not
prepared to have responsibilities. I have a friend who is pregnant. She is still in college and she is
not prepared to have a baby. She has problems in her house because her mother doesn't accept
that she's having a baby. She is also looking for an apartment to move. It is a lot of responsibility
for her because she needs to stop school and look for a job to take care of the baby. She stopped
going to class. She doesn't have any time to study because she is working hard to rent an
apartment. I really want to help her because she is my best friend but I can't because I'm living
with my mother and sister. In my place, there is no more space for someone else to move in with
us. I believe that young people like my friend should finish school and begin their careers before
having a family.
In addition it is important for anyone to know whether they are prepared to have a family.
In order to have a family, people need to have a good position or a job to take care of this
responsibility. It is not easy to support a family without a career if they don't have somebody that
can help them economically. Sometimes, the husband doesn't have a job to support his family
because he didn't go to school or complete a major. Young people should think before they act.
I prefer to finish school, have a career, and develop my skills before I get married and get
pregnant. I want to be more prepared for what I want to do in the future.