Svetlana Baronene


Svetlana Baronene

Saint-Petersburg, Russia



Tomsk State University

Tomsk, Russian Federaion

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Philosophy

Graduated in 1989

School of Cultural Politics by Pyotr Shchedrovitsky

Moscow, Russian Federation 1999-2000

School of Diolog of Cultures by V.Bibler

Moscow, Russian Federation, 1999-2000

Tomsk State University

Bachelor of Art and Sciences in Economics

Tomsk, Russian Federation

Graduated in 2002

PhD programm in Philosophy

Concentration: Philosophical Antropology Thesis:

“Philosophical-anthropological study of authors’ mediators as a cultural phenomenon” Defended in


German Society for Technical Assistance

Training program: techniques of consulting and teaching how to run small and medium sized businesses


Professional training

Michigan, United States

Michigan State University 2003

International School facilitators Grape People . 2010 - 2014 "Fundamentals of facilitation",

"Development of creative solutions", "Project Management"

Denison Consultings Certification Workshop, March 22-23, 2013

Job experience /Related Experience

Dean of faculty, Saint-Petersburg division of National Research University-”High School of Economy

“, July 2003-Present

Consulting partner "Training Boutique" business coach, consultant, 2008 - Present. (more than 300 trainings, facilitation, project sessions)

Professor at the Management Department at Saint-Petersburg division of National Research University

Higher School of Economics (HSE), July 2003-Present

Member and manager research and consulting projects for the Government of St. Petersburg

Governments other regions of Russia (2004 - 2012)

Deputy Director, Saint-Petersburg division of National Research University Higher School of

Economics (HSE), July 2004 - 2012

Director of the Training Firm, Tomsk State University

Manager of the project: “Designing of activities for entrepreneurs of small and medium sized businesses.” Cooperative project of Russia and Germany, 2001-2002

Initiator and Manager of the Bachelors degree program “ Management of Organization” at Tomsk State

University, 2000-2002

Professor at the Department of Management scope of Social services (управление социальной сферой, образованием), 2000-2002

Researcher at the Education Institute of Siberia, Far East and North of Russian Academy of Education;

Project: “Structuring of innovation technologies of education”, 1994-2000

Instructor-researcher in the field of educational technologies,” School of cultural dialogs” by V.Bibler,

Russian Federation, Moscow; 1990-1994

Expert in innovative educational technologies of the Open University “Evrika” Moscow, 1990-1994

Teacher at the alternative school “Evrika Development” Tomsk; 1990-1994

Sientifc researcher “Philosophical and Sociological Research in Education” at the Pedagocial

University of Tomsk;1990-1994

Recent Publications

S. Baronene, I. Shiyanova. Organization in the context of models of systems thinking: the problem of creating and retaining integrity / Current Research in Management: Challenges and Prospects: collection of scientific papers [Text] / Br. Ed. IV Andreev; Nat. used trail. Univ "Higher School of

Economics." - St. Petersburg.: Department of offset printing HSE - St. Petersburg, 2013. Pp. 239-247 -

300 copies. - ISBN 978-5-9904666-1-6

S. Baronene corporate knowledge management: the development of incentive programs for employees of the

Russian Railways / management theory and practice: challenges of modernity: Proceedings VIII annual (III international) scientific conference, Faculty of Management (April 4-5, 2013.) [Text] / Num. Ed. I.V.Andreeva;

St. Petersburg Branch of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics." - St. Petersburg.:

Department of offset printing HSE - St. Petersburg, 2013. - P. 602-6012 - ISBN 978-5-9905362-1-0

S.Baronene Entrepreneurs: Entering a creative group? //AgeFree, № 5,2009

S.Baronene Model distributed expert in project management training group / Support research process at the University, Academy of HSE, 2010. with -230-245.

Front Office: Role Positions and Risks of Maintaining Standards of Service Quality\\4 Volume (Issue

1), 2010,

Baronene SG Technology standards development service based role repertoire of contact personnel / /

"Innovation processes in service: Problems and Prospects.", 704c. Publishing house "RIO GUSE St.

Petersburg", 2010

Related Activities

Personal skills:

Personal qualities and aspirations:

- excellent communication skills

- positive thinking

- ability to work in a team environment effectively

- high discipline

- dedication to the working process, hard working

- committed to the values of the company and loyal

- open-minded

-strong desire to learn new things

- pursuit for the professional growth and development

Additional Information

Date of Birth: 12/20/1966

Phone numbers:

Work (812) 786-92-49