The Bride Comes to Yellow SKy


The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

• Scratchy: sympathetic? Villain? Comic relief?

• What is the thematic significance of the setting?

– How do the details of the story support the theme? Think about the clothes the characters wear, and Jack’s mindset on the train.

• What is a “drummer”? Why/how does the author use him in Part II?

• What is the role of marriage in this story? How is this particular marriage unique?

• How does Crane play with expectation and disruption?

– Marriage

– Scratchy

The Luck of Roaring Camp

• How does the author contrast the physical abilities and personalities of the men with their appearances?

What’s the message/effect?

• What is the effect of the contrast between life and death in Luck’s birth?

– What classical imagery/Biblical symbolism can be linked to

Luck’s birth?

• Why do the men call the baby “Luck”? How “true” is the baby’s name? Give evidence.

• There is a lot of silence in this story. How do the men build relationships throughout the story, especially without much verbal communication?

• Are the men civilized? Why or why not?