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TEST1 - Đề rà soát

I. Choose the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.
A. put
B. mud
C. cut
D. pump
A. queen
B. deer
C. seed
D. sleep
A. that
B. than
C. with
D. thin
II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.
A. infect
B. connect
C. today
D. virus
A. newspaper
B. understand
C. Vietnamese
D. referee
I. Choose the odd one out. Write A, B, C or D on the answer sheet.
A. coffin
B. soldier
C. paleontologist
D. sculptor
A. baseball
B. tennis
C. soccer
D. balloon
A. studying
B. interesting
C. swimming
D. looking
A. sore throat
B. medicine
C. headache
D. fever
A. jungle
B. mountain
C. motorbike
D. river
II. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
11. His face went _________ because of the sickness.
A. brilliant
B. contrast
C. pale
D. famous
12. A ________ is a person whose job is making and repairing wooden objects and structures.
A. photographer
B. carpenter
C. sculptor
D. street painter
13. Companies process and __________ before those products get to the supermarket to make sure they are
well presented and of good quality.
A. export
B. introduce
C. package
D. peel
14. The police are looking for 50 _________ to help with the search of the missing girl.
A. volunteers
B. mayors
C. presidents
D. footballers
15. _________ are something that you bring back for other people when you have been on holiday.
A. Rickshaws
B. Ports
C. Canals
D. Souvenirs
16. My sister always _________ good grades in English.
A. gets
B. passes
C. loses
D. makes
17. My brother __________ the clock, but he couldn’t put it back together.
A. took after
B. took up
C. took in
D. took apart
18. Our immune system is the best defense _________ any virus.
A. with
B. off
C. to
D. against
19. He often takes part __________ different sports activities after class.
A. place
B. down
C. in
D. on
20. People shouldn’t judge others just from their physical __________.
A. appearance
B. knowledge
C. personalities
D. characters
I. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
21. These books aren’t yours, ________ ?.
A. aren’t these
B. are they
C. are these
D. aren’t they
22. Janet is not happy because her results in the competition are ________ than her sister’s.
A. bad
B. good
C. better
D. worse
23. She was given ________ doll on her 10th birthday.
A. a beautiful Russian
B. an beautiful Russian
C. a Russian beautiful D. an Russian beautiful
24. My father doesn’t work _________ Saturdays.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. during
C. pillowes
D. a pillow
25. There aren’t any ____________ on the bed.
A. pillow
B. pillows
26. ___________ could help them so they were disappointed.
A. Anyone
B. Someone
C. No one
D. Everyone
27. My parents spent __________ free time in the countryside for a week.
A. theirs
B. them
C. their
D. they
28. My brother works in __________ office. ___________ office is around the corner.
A. an/An
B. an/The
C. a/The
D. the/An
29. You shouldn’t drink so __________ coffee before bedtime.
A. many
B. much
C. little
D. few
30. When Susan was five, she ___________ read and write. She was really intelligent.
A. must
B. has to
C. can
D. could
II. Put the verb into the correct tense to complete to each sentence below.
31. Lisa _____ (have) a good job if she spoke English well.
32. Listen! Someone _______ (knock) the door.
33. Dad promised _______ (take) us to the zoo.
34. There ______ (be) many chairs in the kitchen, but there is only one in my bedroom.
35. We__________ (not go) on holiday last year.
36. My grandfather often _______ (come) over for dinner at the weekends.
37-40. (chưa cập nhật được)
41. Do you mind if I sit here?
A. Yes, I mind.
C. I’m sure you mind it.
B. Ok, I will.
D. Not at all.
42. Don’t drive too fast!
A. Here you are.
C. Go straight ahead.
B. Ok, I won’t.
D. Yes, I am.
43. How often do you speak English ?
A. I speak it regularly.
C. I love speaking English.
B. I learn English at school.
D. My friend is from England.
44. What’s your city like ?
A. It’s green and clean
C. I like living in my city very much.
B. It’s Hanoi.
D. People are friendly and hospitable.
45. That bag looks heavy. Let me help you carry it.
A. Don’t mention it.
C. Thank you so much!
B. Yes, I do.
D. I will buy you a new bag.
PART E: READING (46-55) - chưa cập nhật được
Complete the second sentences so that it means the same as the first one using the words in brackets.
Write 2 – 5 words.
56. Sam likes science fiction stories.
 Sam is fond ______________.
57. The house is very big!
 What ________________!
58. Although Tom took a taxi, he was still late for the party.
 Despite _______, Tom was still late for the party.
59. The word is so difficult that we can’t spell it.
 It’s such ___________ that we can’t spell it.
60. I can’t wait until the summer holidays!
 I am looking _________ the summer holidays.