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Late Marriage
It is said that age is just a number. Therefore, it's not very important whether you marry early
or not. But, both early and late marriages have their respective advantages and
disadvantages. I prefer late marriage , while most people are marrying between the ages of
20 and 26. I can live freely in my first years fulfilling my needed skills for my career
development. I can trvey many places freely wherever I want to enjoy. I can date many girls,
whomever I like. There is a fact that most people mature after 29 or 30. So, if I marry late, I
can choose the right person whom I want to be with in my future. At the age of 30, I will be in
a job and become a more hard working person than before so that I can support my family
efficiently. Some people claim that there are many risks of conceiving a baby when you're
after 30. But, this fact doesn't absolutely influence me as I don't want a baby and I want to
pass the romantic valentines with my love. In brief, late marriage has lots of advantages for a
person like me.