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Essay Pavel Safonov IFF 1-1

Summer language program
John Doe
July 12, 2021
Essay: 3 differences and similarities between Russian and American higher education.
During Summer language program 2021 I have discovered a lot of new information about
American higher education. In this essay I would like to shed light on the differences and
similarities between Russian and American higher education.
Education is an important part of the life of modern society. No state can exist without educated
population. Accordingly, each state is intent on educational system.
The governments of the countries come up with their own vector of population development.
Thus, the education system in all countries is different. Hence the differences in the educational
institutions themselves follow.
For example, in the United States, students form their own schedules, and most of them prefer to
study away from home after graduation. At my university, in Russia, the schedule is formed by a
an individual. Also, tuition fees in American universities are several times higher than in Russian
Apart from differences, the American educational system places emphasis on some assignments
such as small written projects and oral presentations throughout the course. In Russia,
universities are focused on lecturing, and only from time to time during the semester done some
In addition to differences, there are also similarities. For example, in the United States, your
grade will also be based on the results of the assignments, and the final exam will be only a
percentage of your total grade. Also, the quality of the education received is as high as in Russia.
Last but not least is the problem of bullying. Aggressive behavior towards a peer occurs, as a
rule, due to gender characteristics, skin color, and other factors. Unfortunately, both Russia and
America have such a problem.
In conclusion, I would like to say that although Russia and America are completely different
countries, they still have similarities in their universities. Nevertheless, there are also differences
that give us a clear understanding of the pros and cons of a particular educational system.