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1451 W St NW • Washington, DC 20009 • eric.dangelo.45@gmail.com
Two years of experience performing due diligence and root cause risk analysis, business intelligence, and
project management for Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, Ohio. Background in open source research and
analysis of Russian foreign policy, domestic policy, and disinformation techniques. Additional experience
in academic research, political and economic risk analysis, and writing for marketing and
communications clients. Skilled in qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation methods.
Proficient Russian, basic Italian.
Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA)
Washington, DC
Research Assistant; Internship
August 2018 – Present
• Perform open source research and mapping of Russian disinformation techniques on news aggregation
sites and social media using Whois tool
• Develop risk and threat reports detailing ongoing international security concerns and future threats to
geopolitical stability in Eastern Europe and the Balkans
• Produce weekly current event newsletter with analysis of military, political, and economic
developments in former Soviet sphere of influence; create memos detailing Russian foreign policy
activities and strategic outlook
• Analyze changes to U.S. sanction regime related to Russian military activity in eastern Ukraine
Iambic Enterprises
Washington, DC
Russian Language Researcher; Contract
July 2018 – August 2018
• Conducted open source research of government policy toward developing technology sector in Russia
and Kazakhstan
• Provided analysis of Russian and Kazakh public policy on ride-sharing and home-sharing industries,
autonomous aircraft and automobiles, and taxation of Internet streaming services
Fifth Third Bank
Cincinnati, OH
Business Controls Analyst
August 2016 – June 2018
• Managed risk analysis, project implementation, and process optimization functions for business
• Created root cause methodology and risk identification criteria for business client risk profiles
• Co-led due diligence and risk analysis of over 16,000 high and moderate risk business clients for
adherence to anti-money laundering protocol
• Co-led business controls risk assessment of indirect auto lending practices and adherence to Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) directives
Sidar Global Advisors (SGA)
Washington, DC
Research and Risk Analyst
January – July 2016
• Coordinated project on data analysis study of Twitter use by militants operating in the Middle East
• Created marketing reports for Expo 2017, Voscreen, and other joint-SGA development projects
• Wrote daily geopolitical risk and economic/market analysis briefs for SGA clients
1451 W St NW • Washington, DC 20009 • eric.dangelo.45@gmail.com
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Bologna, Italy
Graduate Research Assistant
February – July 2015
• Produced research portfolio of post-WWII Defense Department budget policy using LexisNexis and
other open source databases
• Created research reports analyzing Truman administration national security policy leading up to
creation of National Security Council Paper NSC-68
German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF)
Washington, DC
Congressional Affairs Intern
May – July 2013
• Coordinated events with Congressional offices and embassies and assisted in the creation of Senator
Richard G. Luger Institute for Diplomacy and Congress
• Produced weekly digest of Congressional events for GMF partners based in Europe
• Maintained communications between GMF Congressional Affairs department and U.S. Congressional
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Washington, DC
Master of Arts, International Relations and Economics
May 2016
• Specialization: American Foreign Policy
• Coursework: Congress and Foreign Policy; Political Risk Analysis; Corporate Finance; Int’l Monetary
Theory; American Grand Strategy; Contemporary Russian Politics; Project Management; The New
The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Arts, International Studies; Bachelor of Arts, Russian
• GPA: 3.87; Magna Cum Laude with Honors
• Specialization: Security and Intelligence
• John Glenn Fellow, Ohio State University School of Public Affairs
• Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellow, 2012-2013
Columbus, Ohio
May 2014
Technical Skills:
Russian (proficient); Italian (basic)
Co-Founder, Vice President of Security & Intelligence Club at Ohio State
University; President of Russian Club, Johns Hopkins SAIS Europe, 2014-2015;
Social Media Coordinator, SAIS Europe Journal of Global Affairs, 2014-2015
Microsoft Office; Python; LexisNexis; Whois; Sharepoint; Twitter