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Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am really interested in working as a Research Analyst. Furthermore, writing my dissertation really
improved my analytical skills with me having to do in depth research into a specific event (The
poisonings of Sergei and Iulia Skripal). Such qualitative research involved studying the Russian
perspective of the event from a wide variety of sources and media outlets including the likes of
Novaya Gazeta in order to paint a picture of the media coverage. I really enjoyed the investigative
research process especially the opportunity to explore such a wide variety of Russian sources each
portraying a different political angle. I especially enjoyed balancing more Independent views from
the likes of Novaya Gazeta with the official views from government in from of extracts from foreign
ministry briefings. I really enjoyed pointing out the similarities and differences between these
accounts. I am a hugely curious person especially when it comes to the political climate in Russia and
would love to put my analytical skills to good use for you. I am very organised and have the ability to
multitask through studying and working part time for an agency as well as balancing my studies with
the many extracurricular interests I have. Combined with my analytical skills I also speak fluent
French and Russian. I am a very resilient individual who is not afraid to take on new challenges. I
believe these traits make me a very good candidate for this role. Please find my CV attached. I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
Ben Spencer