Helping Experience: Is to describe an experience in

Helping Experience: Is to describe an experience in
which you either received help from someone or gave
help to someone
One day my friend Milagros approached me at
work to confide in me about the problem that she is
going through at the moment. She then told me that
she was pregnant and then said that she was thinking
of having an abortion. Since she was having problems
with her husband and was temporarily not living with
him but living with her mother. She was devastated.
She said that she had many problems right now and
that it is the right choice for her. I understood her
and the situation that she was in. So I decided to
give my opinion on the matter. Like a about a year
ago I was in a similar situation so decided to just tell
her my experience on that matter.
Since I experienced it she knew that she can trust
in me and help her sort out her problem. I believe
she knew that I understood her situation and she
really felt what I was saying to her. She started to
cry. She was thinking what a burden it would leave
her if she decides to abort the baby. I believe with
my experience it helped her think through her
choices thoroughly and I believe she made the
intelligent choice by keeping the baby. Although she
was going through a different life experience then I
was she understood why I was telling her and was
willing to help her with any problems. My experience
was that I lost my baby after I decided to keep the
baby and it’s a very painful memory to carry on,
which is something I don’t want anyone to go
through that.