Chapter 25 2 Homework Assignment Nation Building in the United States

Chapter 25 2nd Homework Assignment
Read pages 833, Nation Building in the United States to 843. Stop at Great Britain and
Answer the following questions:
1. What factors led to the end of serfdom in Russia in 1861?
2. How did serfdom in Russia differ from and resemble American slavery?
What did the Act of Emancipation of 1861 accomplish?
3. Identify the "liberal" reforms introduced in Russia by Tsar Alexander II.
4. Identify the legal and judicial reforms introduced by Alexander II and the
steps taken in the direction of self-government.
5. How did the Russian revolutionaries react to the reforms of Alexander II?
6. Why did Russia loose the Russo-Japanese War? What were the long-term
results for each country?
7. Regarding the Russian Revolution of 1905:
- Identify the major political groups that agitated for change.
- What were the causes of this revolution?
- What was "Bloody Sunday?" How was it a turning point for the Russian
- What reforms did Nicholas II propose?
- What was the October Manifesto? How did the liberals and the socialists
and revolutionaries
react to its proposals?
8. How did the Fundamental Laws limit the power of the Tsars? What was
Nicholas II's response?
9. What changes in Russia were brought about by the Revolution of 1905?
10. Identify the major scandals/crises that challenged the new Third French
Also look at the Russian Revolution Power Point on my web site up to slide #18.
Print out the Grouping Practice worksheet and the
POV Worksheet from my website.